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Betsey, Bowling Green, KY

Dr. Wright was able to help me resolve a two year old injury and restore range of motion to that of what I could do 10 years ago. He is knowledgeable and professional while maintaining a friendly and compassionate approach. He took the time to listen to my concerns, evaluate the injury and then provided a quick program of recovery. He didn’t have me continue office visits any longer than necessary. I 100% believe in him and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking PT or Fitness advisement!

Stephanie, Bowling Green, KY

I had neck and shoulder pain, off and on for about four years. The pain would be severe at times and keep me from moving my left arm or turning my neck. I stubbornly waited to get help because i thought that my only option would be surgery. Finally, when the pain traveled down my arm into my elbow and I lost all feeling in my thumb and fingers, I became frightened enough to seek help. I am so very grateful that the help came from Dr. Jason Wright! He was so patient and empathetic as he listened to my history and concerns. He examined me and took his time diagnosing my issues. Everything he said was spot on! His kind demeanor erased all the anxiety I had about seeking help. During the sessions that followed, he showed me so many strengthening and stretching exercises. After one visit, my mobility drastically increased. After “graduating” my tenth session, I left with no pain and with strength and mobility I hadn’t had in 10 years. Dr. Wright knew that I am a visual person, so he always showed me diagrams of the areas we were working and printed out definitions of my diagnoses and exercises to continue my healing at home. I wish I had met Dr. Wright earlier so that I wouldn’t have wasted so many years in pain. I highly recommend him to anyone and would definitely see him again if I have any issues in the future.

 Carrie, Bowling Green, KY

Dr. Wright is a fantastic physical therapist. I am a photographer who was disheartened to learn that there was no clear explanation for some severe shoulder pain that started occuring after my first 2017 wedding. Insurance wouldn’t cover my MRI until I did some PT and that’s when I was connected with Dr. Wright. He was all ears and very sensitive to the pain I was experiencing. He was extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand where my problem areas were and how I could modify and strengthen to feel better. Throughout my progress and even when I had some work-induced setbacks, Jason was ever-positive, encouraging, and thorough. He really made me feel that I myself was capable of reducing and managing my own pain. Now I’m right back to shooting like crazy and even working out for fun again. I highly recommend his services!

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